Peek  In honor of Houston's first-ever's my peek. #HoustonStrong #BostonStrong #BoSox #RedSoxNation

Sheer Determination

Pingback: Terrified, I tentatively face the unknown, realizing there is no more me Forevermore my thoughts and actions will concern the well-being of we, Weakness, hesitation, nor fear can stop me. You will always know the fight I fought for you, The unconditional love I have for you is found but far and few. To … Continue reading Sheer Determination

Not Just My Friend, My Person

Pingback: This week we were challenged to share an image of a friend. Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and species. The image I have decided to share is a simple one, though the relationship it embodies is anything but simple. This seemingly mundane photo shows a long-lasting, supportive, loyal, honest, and loving friendship, and … Continue reading Not Just My Friend, My Person

Gone With the Rain

Pingback: It rained today, Just as it did the day You went away. I stared at the grey sky Watching the rain pour down as I sat and cried. It rained today, Just as it did the day You went away. The rain took more than just you That day. The rain took with it … Continue reading Gone With the Rain


The Daily Post Pingback:   Sunshine floods her no longer dark room, Promising the hope of a new day and Wiping away the safety of sleep.     Fumbling through the fear that every morning delivers, she reaches for the familiar slim bottle at her bedside and Swallows the magic medicine that enables her To … Continue reading Man-Made-Magic

Championing Oneself

Championing Oneself Choices engulf our days like flames upon a raging fire. How we proceed and the decisions we make prove to Define Us. To power on, push forward, fight harder, or Settle for mediocrity, never searching for more Expose our true character. When your time comes will you be your own Champion or Settle for … Continue reading Championing Oneself

On Being a Bostonian

On Being a BostonianThrough the thick smoke,  shadowy figures of people could barely be made out before they could be heard. Yelling, crying, and mass hysteria took over the entire finish line. In addition to failing limbs, failing hearing and ears crippled people with fear. The explosion or had it been two, had been so loud nothing … Continue reading On Being a Bostonian

My Wish For You

Pingback: Pingback: This week we were challenged to show a wish. My wish for you is that your smile stay as bright and genuine as it is in this photograph. My wish for you is that your spirit remain as free and unhibited as displayed here, pure joy spilling out of you. My wish for … Continue reading My Wish For You

The Leatherbound Journal

Pingback: Pingback: The leather-bound Journal   So focused on her work, she rarely got out. People began to whisper on the rare occasions they saw her on the street. "She's a recluse," they'd say or "I hear she gets crazier by the day, always carrying that raggedy journal with her." She heard all yet remained un-bothered. Her … Continue reading The Leatherbound Journal

Behind the Colonial Red Door

Pingback:   Sitting alone in the dark, at the old, round, wooden kitchen table they  received as a hand-me-down from her parents, she couldn't help but remember. It was as if she were watching a film reel play back the most precious moments of her life. Images of holiday gatherings, Sunday family dinners, kids doing … Continue reading Behind the Colonial Red Door