The Daily Post Pingback:   Sunshine floods her no longer dark room, Promising the hope of a new day and Wiping away the safety of sleep.     Fumbling through the fear that every morning delivers, she reaches for the familiar slim bottle at her bedside and Swallows the magic medicine that enables her To … Continue reading Man-Made-Magic

Escaping the Darkness

So perfect even the mightiest of men looked up to her, Exquisitely maintained, perfectly poised, and well-mannered it was as if she were a mythological goddess, sent here to merely remind us of our inferiority. She floated through rooms with an elegance that left all in awe without ever saying a word. Skeletons lurked in … Continue reading Escaping the Darkness

Clouded Memories It seems my memory fails me, Filling both my head and my heart with only the passion and heat that was Us. How quickly I would return to you, reuniting Us to our former glory should I know those times were guaranteed to outweigh the dark times that my mind occasionally allows to seep … Continue reading Clouded Memories

The Cost of Perfection

Walking across the stage receiving her diploma was one of the proudest moments of her life, and one of the most terrifying.  She couldn't believe she was the first one in her family to graduate from college but she still had no idea what she was going to do about her situation. If her father … Continue reading The Cost of Perfection


Try as he might he couldn't hide it. No matter how clean the house, how neatly the laundry was folded, or how perfectly he was dressed, Everyone knew. Everyday he swore he'd do better. He'd have dinner on the table promptly on the table at six, with dessert to follow at seven sharp. When The … Continue reading Invisible

When Nothing is Enough

Pingback: Tearfully watching the old VHS she couldn't bring herself to believe what she knew was true.              So full of smiling faces, boisterous laughter, tearful toasts, and well wishes she tortured herself wondering                What What Wrong? Was she not enough? Had she let herself … Continue reading When Nothing is Enough

The Same Old Girl She Always Was

Everybody loves her, They stare at her, Gawk even. She's used to the whispers when she walks by now. She's so pretty, She always looks perfect. Her clothes are alway pressed perfectly, And She carries herself with such poise. Her smile never faulters, bright white teeth Shining through her pink  lips, ever so perched. Behind … Continue reading The Same Old Girl She Always Was

The Leatherbound Journal

Pingback: Pingback: The leather-bound Journal   So focused on her work, she rarely got out. People began to whisper on the rare occasions they saw her on the street. "She's a recluse," they'd say or "I hear she gets crazier by the day, always carrying that raggedy journal with her." She heard all yet remained un-bothered. Her … Continue reading The Leatherbound Journal