Photo Challenge Temporary

Pingback:   There was a time that he wouldn't sleep without the security of me snuggled up next to him... A naive first-time-mom I believed those days would last forever... These days, when he climbs into our bed and peacefully drifts off to the Land of Dreams with his arms wrapped around me, I lay … Continue reading Photo Challenge Temporary

Kindred It really is a mystery how we ended up here. Against all odds, Despite all the circumstances and distance, Despite every dead end and roadblock, Your determined soul perpetually searched While my lonely soul yearned. When I was tired and ready to give into the night You remained relentless in your plight, Never submitting … Continue reading Kindred

Rational Emotion

Pingback: He says he wishes I would write more. Me too. I wish I was better at conceptualizing the yarn-like fibers that create complex webs of my feelings. My mind never stops; thoughts continuously fire off, Inspiring me as quickly as they Fizzle into the dark abyss that is my mind. Head or heart, I often … Continue reading Rational Emotion

Unexpected Roots

Pingback: Throughout my thirty years I have been very privileged to have experienced living in many states across our great nation. My Dad was in the Navy, so we moved every two years when he was re-stationed until he retired from the Service and we returned home. We lived in Arizona and Washington State and … Continue reading Unexpected Roots

Clouded Memories It seems my memory fails me, Filling both my head and my heart with only the passion and heat that was Us. How quickly I would return to you, reuniting Us to our former glory should I know those times were guaranteed to outweigh the dark times that my mind occasionally allows to seep … Continue reading Clouded Memories

How Late is Too Late?

So busy with her everyday, she'd get to it later, It was just a phone call; not that big of a deal, She told herself. So she went about her day: Working Carpooling Cleaning Cooking Helping with Homework and Going through the ritualistic bedtime routine. When she finally sat down to make the call she … Continue reading How Late is Too Late?

On Being a Bostonian

On Being a BostonianThrough the thick smoke,  shadowy figures of people could barely be made out before they could be heard. Yelling, crying, and mass hysteria took over the entire finish line. In addition to failing limbs, failing hearing and ears crippled people with fear. The explosion or had it been two, had been so loud nothing … Continue reading On Being a Bostonian

When Nothing is Enough

Pingback: Tearfully watching the old VHS she couldn't bring herself to believe what she knew was true.              So full of smiling faces, boisterous laughter, tearful toasts, and well wishes she tortured herself wondering                What What Wrong? Was she not enough? Had she let herself … Continue reading When Nothing is Enough

The Leatherbound Journal

Pingback: Pingback: The leather-bound Journal   So focused on her work, she rarely got out. People began to whisper on the rare occasions they saw her on the street. "She's a recluse," they'd say or "I hear she gets crazier by the day, always carrying that raggedy journal with her." She heard all yet remained un-bothered. Her … Continue reading The Leatherbound Journal

Behind the Colonial Red Door

Pingback:   Sitting alone in the dark, at the old, round, wooden kitchen table they  received as a hand-me-down from her parents, she couldn't help but remember. It was as if she were watching a film reel play back the most precious moments of her life. Images of holiday gatherings, Sunday family dinners, kids doing … Continue reading Behind the Colonial Red Door