Write Here Write Now

Pingback: Write here write now I sit grateful to finally have broken through a terribly frustrating bought of writer's block that lasted far too long. Write here write now I am up far too late, but terrified that if I give in to my heavy and sleep-filled eyes my inspiration will escape me once again, … Continue reading Write Here Write Now


The Daily Post Pingback: https://love-it-now.live/2017/05/06/my-promise/   Sunshine floods her no longer dark room, Promising the hope of a new day and Wiping away the safety of sleep.     Fumbling through the fear that every morning delivers, she reaches for the familiar slim bottle at her bedside and Swallows the magic medicine that enables her To … Continue reading Man-Made-Magic

Rational Emotion

Pingback: https://abangwupaul.wordpress.com/2017/04/27/the-mind-of-a-fool/ He says he wishes I would write more. Me too. I wish I was better at conceptualizing the yarn-like fibers that create complex webs of my feelings. My mind never stops; thoughts continuously fire off, Inspiring me as quickly as they Fizzle into the dark abyss that is my mind. Head or heart, I often … Continue reading Rational Emotion

Gray Matters

Pingback: https://movingtowardsthelight.com/2017/04/25/12809/ Alone is how I have come to know myself; my true, intimate self. Alone in my own thoughts, feelings, and skin I am me. Only I know the real me,  just getting acquainted with her. I am complicated; introverted at times, extroverted at others, passionate, loving, loyal, sometimes sad, and often Lonely. A constant companion … Continue reading Gray Matters