Sitting around my parents' dinner table I can't help but watch and take everything in. This year has been quite a year for us, I've been very, very sick, our family was blessed with a new baby thanks to my sister, my youngest sister moved out of my parents' house, my sweet baby boy will … Continue reading Unconditional

My Cross to Bear

My cross to bear has become too much... I carry this cross for those I love, Those who need me, The young the scared the timid and the Unlearned This cross I bear ┬áis becoming too much for me to bear. A mere human myself, I, too am flawed. I will fall and pick myself … Continue reading My Cross to Bear

A Family Born

Six years ago I had the honor of watching my first nephew and Godson be born. My sister chose my mother, our sister, and myself to be her support persons. I've always been grateful for that experience and have since felt a special connection to both my sister and my nephew. Maybe because of his … Continue reading A Family Born