From Boston Strong to Vegas Strong

*this piece originally appeared on Thought Catalog  (* I am a Bostonian. Born and raised, I proudly bleed Boston through and through. I live and die by the Sox, Pats, Celtics, and Bruins. February 2002 was a defining moment in my life, as was October 2004. Before these historical days in our city’s history, I … Continue reading From Boston Strong to Vegas Strong


Sitting around my parents' dinner table I can't help but watch and take everything in. This year has been quite a year for us, I've been very, very sick, our family was blessed with a new baby thanks to my sister, my youngest sister moved out of my parents' house, my sweet baby boy will … Continue reading Unconditional

My Legacy

I've recently devoured the first season of Amazon's new series, " Z: The Beginning of Everything." I finished the season in one day ,(okay, I admit it, I spent the day bingeing), and was inspired to order the book, authored by Therese Anne Fowler, that the series is based on. Watching the show's portrayal of Zelda … Continue reading My Legacy

Patriot’s March

via Daily Prompt: Marathon The long, dark days of Winter have finally retreated. The Sun shines brightly and the breeze carries a delightfully delicate scent of flowers. The Patriots are all lined up at the starting line, waiting to take the course. Soon the streets will be decorated golden-yellow and bright blue, The sounds of … Continue reading Patriot’s March


Five years ago today I drunkenly and selfishly sat in shock and denial. I couldn't function, had no motivation to try to function, and was as close to giving up as I've ever been. The next few days were all a blur. All I really remember is the soul crushing, almost numbing pain I felt … Continue reading Remembering


        For as long as I can remember, Christmastime has been my absolute favorite time of year. I simply love everything about the season; all of the family traditions, the goodwill and giving, the gathering of families around dinner tables everywhere, the decorating, and the smells! Having my child brought even more … Continue reading Perception

“What Do You Do For a Living?”

I spent my evening with close friends enjoying sushi and great conversation by the fire while our children played. We discussed everything from our kids, to politics, to the economy, to the upcoming holidays. At one point during conversation the topic of "finding oneself" came up. Typically, this makes me very uncomfortable as I'm not … Continue reading “What Do You Do For a Living?”

Realizing I’m Doing Something Right

As the post-election dust settles, I've had to have a few honest conversations with my eight year old son, Jack. He was very disappointed to learn that Mr. Trump had won the election, and I felt it my duty to allow him the right to express his feelings in a safe place, where he could … Continue reading Realizing I’m Doing Something Right