Love OverAll

“United We Stand” “Love Wins” “I ❤️ NY” “Boston Strong” “We Were There For You During The Good Times.” “Thank You For Being There For Us Now.” “Vegas Strong” “Pray for Paris” “Pray For Brussels” “Succumb to Hate…” “Never.”

Beyond the Grainy

Pingback It's all so grainy, the future. Where will we go from here? What will happen to us? There's no clarity in sight. The picture is bleak at best. I can't see through the grainy picture. I can only hope the sun shines brightly beyond the grainy present.

Behind the Impressions

Pingback: "Hurry up, cross the street," she whispered to her daughter, ushering her toward the opposing city sidewalk.  Confused, the young girl asked her mother, "why mom?" "Nevermind the reason, just do as I say," the mother abruptly responded to her impressionable young daughter. What the hope filled young girl failed to see was not lost on … Continue reading Behind the Impressions


Collection of Six-Word Stories #4 (   Real news, Fake news, Uncertain times.   Pingback: (

An Accidental Feminist?

I did not march yesterday. I wasn't one of the crowd that amassed the inaugural crowd by roughly three times (New York Times). Instead, I split  the day between home and running errands with my son,  followed by dinner at a friends' house, where our children played as we chatted and talked about many things, … Continue reading An Accidental Feminist?

Growing Up In A Blue State and How It Shaped Me

A week later and I'm left with more questions about myself than I care to admit. I thought I had myself fairly figured out and then a cross-country move (which included nearly two years living in a very Red State) and this election happened. I realize now I didn't know myself as well as I … Continue reading Growing Up In A Blue State and How It Shaped Me

Realizing I’m Doing Something Right

As the post-election dust settles, I've had to have a few honest conversations with my eight year old son, Jack. He was very disappointed to learn that Mr. Trump had won the election, and I felt it my duty to allow him the right to express his feelings in a safe place, where he could … Continue reading Realizing I’m Doing Something Right