Visions of Grandeur

Pingback: The Daily Prompt: Visions Smart, beautiful, and ready for whatever the world may throw her way Fearing nothing she packed her bag and headed to the big city She was going to make it. Like a divine light Summer Sun shined down upon her, bathing her in hope and possibility. Everything she touched turned … Continue reading Visions of Grandeur

Into the Abyss

Pingback: The Daily Prompt: precipice   She stands alone, Staring at the swelling seas from tired eyes, long void of feeling. She wonders if anyone would notice if she jumped into the cold, dark abyss of water that tempts her so. Every crashing wave taunts her, whispering to her tormented soul...She hears the sea call … Continue reading Into the Abyss

Shattered Slumer

Pingback: The Daily Prompt: Maze Her slumber shattered by sunlight pouring in, she shields her sore eyes behind thick, black shades. Chasing her daily breakfast of aspirin and caffeine she yanks the curtains closer in a desperate attempt to block out the promise of the new day waiting outside her door. Trapped in the solitary … Continue reading Shattered Slumer


The Daily Post Pingback:   Sunshine floods her no longer dark room, Promising the hope of a new day and Wiping away the safety of sleep.     Fumbling through the fear that every morning delivers, she reaches for the familiar slim bottle at her bedside and Swallows the magic medicine that enables her To … Continue reading Man-Made-Magic

Rational Emotion

Pingback: He says he wishes I would write more. Me too. I wish I was better at conceptualizing the yarn-like fibers that create complex webs of my feelings. My mind never stops; thoughts continuously fire off, Inspiring me as quickly as they Fizzle into the dark abyss that is my mind. Head or heart, I often … Continue reading Rational Emotion

Gray Matters

Pingback: Alone is how I have come to know myself; my true, intimate self. Alone in my own thoughts, feelings, and skin I am me. Only I know the real me,  just getting acquainted with her. I am complicated; introverted at times, extroverted at others, passionate, loving, loyal, sometimes sad, and often Lonely. A constant companion … Continue reading Gray Matters

Escaping the Darkness

So perfect even the mightiest of men looked up to her, Exquisitely maintained, perfectly poised, and well-mannered it was as if she were a mythological goddess, sent here to merely remind us of our inferiority. She floated through rooms with an elegance that left all in awe without ever saying a word. Skeletons lurked in … Continue reading Escaping the Darkness

Blind Faith As  we enter Holy Week it is important to keep our Faith Strong. While we may have questions yearning to be resolved, the Mystery of Faith and the Sacredness of Holy Week is not the time to Question what we ultimately know to be True. When you find yourself questioning anything Faith related during … Continue reading Blind Faith