Sheer Determination

Pingback: Terrified, I tentatively face the unknown, realizing there is no more me Forevermore my thoughts and actions will concern the well-being of we, Weakness, hesitation, nor fear can stop me. You will always know the fight I fought for you, The unconditional love I have for you is found but far and few. To … Continue reading Sheer Determination

Memories of Sweet Haze

Daily Prompt: Memory on the Menu Pingback: Memories have long fascinated me. A huge source of comfort to me, it never ceases to amaze me how seemingly mundane things like songs and smells can immediately transport me back in time to experience a memory. Today's question asks us, "which memories are better - the recent and … Continue reading Memories of Sweet Haze

Childhood Ending Version 24

Pingback: For a long time, I wasn't  quite sure when childhood ended for me. Always wise beyond my years, uber-responsible, and full of ambition, I feel like I've been a similar version of myself throughout the entirety of my life. I've experienced many milestones that traditionally symbolize the "end of childhood." Getting my first job … Continue reading Childhood Ending Version 24

Walking At Eight Months Pregnant and Why I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Gliding through my undergraduate career, and I do mean gliding, everything was just as I had planned it would be. My long time boyfriend and I had recently become engaged, we purchased a brand new car, and we lived in a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment that would be perfect for when we got … Continue reading Walking At Eight Months Pregnant and Why I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Just Incase

"Please make sure he's in the middle." "Why?" "It's the safest place." "Seriously?" "Well that's what all the experts say." "But we have dual side curtain airbags and reaching in the middle of the truck is a pain in the ass." "Can't you ever just do what I ask?" "You're gonna push me on this … Continue reading Just Incase

What’s the Rush?

I have been nominated by the fabulous  Aashi at,, to take part in her first challenge (, so here goes round 3! "It's not the destination that matters, but the journey." "When I grow up..." insert  famous childhood line here. All our lives we're hustling and bustling, riding, and grinding. But why? Well, society tells … Continue reading What’s the Rush?

Her Long Journey Home

“I think its pink! I think I see two lines! Do you see two pink lines!?” She excitedly asked, trying to catch her breath. “Babe, you know how this goes, don’t get your hopes up,” he tenderly replied, reaching for her hand. Defeated, she pleaded with him to, “please just take a look, just humor … Continue reading Her Long Journey Home


So you think you're Daring? You ride Motorcycles with No Hemlet and Push muscle cars as fast as the Accelerator will allow. Occassionally you even fufill your Adolescent delusions and act out Your Bad Boy Self By Committing Petty Crime. You're Not Daring.   I Am Daring and so are All the Women Like Me … Continue reading Daring

Daily Prompt: Twinkle

via Daily Prompt: Twinkle You look up at me and our eyes meet. Its as if your deep, piercing, blue eyes have somehow sent an electric surge of love through me, So powerful, I forget to breathe. My body weak and overcome, the chaos of the room is Silenced and I see Only you. Time … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Twinkle