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Accepting My Identity Outside of “Mother”

Moms, Dads, athletes, professionals, and students are all common ways that people identify themselves. For a period of time during my younger years I identified myself as a Type A Perfectionist. I was born with a plan and goals and nothing was going to stop me from completing my plans and achieving my goals. As time… Continue reading Accepting My Identity Outside of “Mother”

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Why I Refuse to Let My Faith be Tested

Born and raised in Boston, I grew up a strict Irish Catholic. If I wasn't at Mass with one set of grandparents over the weekend, my Dad made sure my siblings and I were there with him and my Mom. Maybe because of the connotation my Faith carries so closely to my grandparents', or maybe… Continue reading Why I Refuse to Let My Faith be Tested

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My First Parenting Fail and What It Taught Me

I've been looking forward to today for months. For some, today is just a regular, rainy Tuesday in March, but for me, it's much more than that. Today was the day my husband and I chose to celebrate our anniversary. You see, my husband, Mike, is a critically acclaimed chef and with his position comes… Continue reading My First Parenting Fail and What It Taught Me

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Walking At Eight Months Pregnant and Why I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Gliding through my undergraduate career, and I do mean gliding, everything was just as I had planned it would be. My long time boyfriend and I had recently become engaged, we purchased a brand new car, and we lived in a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment that would be perfect for when we got… Continue reading Walking At Eight Months Pregnant and Why I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

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Sitting around my parents' dinner table I can't help but watch and take everything in. This year has been quite a year for us, I've been very, very sick, our family was blessed with a new baby thanks to my sister, my youngest sister moved out of my parents' house, my sweet baby boy will… Continue reading Unconditional

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My Wish For You

Pingback: Pingback: This week we were challenged to show a wish. My wish for you is that your smile stay as bright and genuine as it is in this photograph. My wish for you is that your spirit remain as free and unhibited as displayed here, pure joy spilling out of you. My wish for… Continue reading My Wish For You

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The Forgotten Sleepless Nights

This piece is part of "SoCS" Pingback:   Four consecutive nights have passed and she's still without sleep. In a sleepy haze she manages to nurse the baby, change him, and rock him back to sleep, Only to repeat the same exact cycle a mere two hours later. Day and Night, Night and Day, all… Continue reading The Forgotten Sleepless Nights

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Just Incase

"Please make sure he's in the middle." "Why?" "It's the safest place." "Seriously?" "Well that's what all the experts say." "But we have dual side curtain airbags and reaching in the middle of the truck is a pain in the ass." "Can't you ever just do what I ask?" "You're gonna push me on this… Continue reading Just Incase

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Learning to Overcome

Pingback: The Daily Post: During my thirty-three years of living, doubt and I have become closer companions than I care to acknowledge. Never one to make a clear, executive, or precise decision, I have long been plagued by doubt and second guessing myself. As a student I anxiously worried if my school work was good enough.… Continue reading Learning to Overcome

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Vulnerable No Longer

via Daily Prompt: Hideout "I don't understand," he cried, almost inaudibly. "Everything's great; you're great, I'm great, we're great-" "I said it's over," she interrupted, her voice cold and abrupt. "But, we have such good times together," he pleaded further. "Listen, we had a few good times. We had some fun. That's all it was,"… Continue reading Vulnerable No Longer