Her Long Journey Home

“I think its pink! I think I see two lines! Do you see two pink lines!?” She excitedly asked, trying to catch her breath. “Babe, you know how this goes, don’t get your hopes up,” he tenderly replied, reaching for her hand. Defeated, she pleaded with him to, “please just take a look, just humor … Continue reading Her Long Journey Home


So you think you're Daring? You ride Motorcycles with No Hemlet and Push muscle cars as fast as the Accelerator will allow. Occassionally you even fufill your Adolescent delusions and act out Your Bad Boy Self By Committing Petty Crime. You're Not Daring.   I Am Daring and so are All the Women Like Me … Continue reading Daring

A Family Born

Six years ago I had the honor of watching my first nephew and Godson be born. My sister chose my mother, our sister, and myself to be her support persons. I've always been grateful for that experience and have since felt a special connection to both my sister and my nephew. Maybe because of his … Continue reading A Family Born