Patriot’s March

via Daily Prompt: Marathon The long, dark days of Winter have finally retreated. The Sun shines brightly and the breeze carries a delightfully delicate scent of flowers. The Patriots are all lined up at the starting line, waiting to take the course. Soon the streets will be decorated golden-yellow and bright blue, The sounds of … Continue reading Patriot’s March

So This Is Christmas

So this is Christmas... and here we find ourselves, another year passed, yet again swamped in wrapping paper, holiday cards, parties, and oh the sweets, all the sweets! I must admit this is my favorite time of year. As a young girl my mother always went out of her way to make Christmastime magical for … Continue reading So This Is Christmas


        For as long as I can remember, Christmastime has been my absolute favorite time of year. I simply love everything about the season; all of the family traditions, the goodwill and giving, the gathering of families around dinner tables everywhere, the decorating, and the smells! Having my child brought even more … Continue reading Perception

It’s Christmastime Now

It's Christmastime now But you already know that. What's it like for you there? Do you miss us as much as we miss you? Surely it has so much more meaning where you are; It must be Divine. The weather is changing, too, Getting colder by the day. Darkness falls earlier and earlier each afternoon … Continue reading It’s Christmastime Now

Are We Giving Our Kids Too Much?

This may be one of my more obnoxious posts-there, you've been warned! As the holiday season has embarked upon us full-throttle, I'm faced with the annual question of "what does Jack want," or "what do you want me to get for Jack," or better yet, "what does Jack need?" Every time I'm asked this question … Continue reading Are We Giving Our Kids Too Much?