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Accepting My Identity Outside of “Mother”

Moms, Dads, athletes, professionals, and students are all common ways that people identify themselves. For a period of time during my younger years I identified myself as a Type A Perfectionist. I was born with a plan and goals and nothing was going to stop me from completing my plans and achieving my goals. As time… Continue reading Accepting My Identity Outside of “Mother”

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When Will Enough be Enough?

I grew up in a suburb about 20 minutes South of Boston. Though a large city, my neighborhood was an insulated one that felt like a small town within the city. My friend's and I lived, played, worked, and attended Church all in about a three-mile radius, if that. Everyone knew everyone; we all worked… Continue reading When Will Enough be Enough?

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When Home Changes

Pingback: A July Sunset as Seen from Mystic, CT Born, raised, and educated in Boston I have always considered myself a true Bostonian. I love all things Boston; the excitement of the city, the abundance of culture found in countless museums, the access to the best medical care and education in the country, and the… Continue reading When Home Changes

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My Legacy

I've recently devoured the first season of Amazon's new series, " Z: The Beginning of Everything." I finished the season in one day ,(okay, I admit it, I spent the day bingeing), and was inspired to order the book, authored by Therese Anne Fowler, that the series is based on. Watching the show's portrayal of Zelda… Continue reading My Legacy

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Fleeting Moments Frozen in Time

Early this evening you asked to lay with me. Immediately concerned, I checked for a fever. You were fine and Yet you still wanted to lay with me. As fast as I could, I made room right next to me for you and I haven't moved since. You see, it's not too often that you ask… Continue reading Fleeting Moments Frozen in Time

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To The Best Man I’ve Ever Known

Pingback : This week we are challenged to write about the greatest___we know. This is an especially dear challenge to my heart. A few years back I found myself a 20 something year old, unemployed, single mom with no car or savings to speak of. After drowning my sorrows in way too many bottles of… Continue reading To The Best Man I’ve Ever Known

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Comfort in Solitude

  As the sun shines brightly, the birds chirp happily, and everyone seems bright-eyed, and, ready to face the day that awaits them. Not me thought. Immediately upon the dreaded alarm clock going off, I pull my down comforter over my head, desperately attempting the alarm clock to grant me just one more moment of solitude. Immediately paralyzed with both… Continue reading Comfort in Solitude

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1000 Times Thank You!

  What an an exciting day for me today! Thank you to all of my followers. I sincerely appreciate all of you taking time out of your busy lives to read my work and leave such personal, thoughtful, and helpful feedback. I'm honored to be a member of this wonderful community!

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via Daily Prompt: Float Here we are, just about a week into 2017. I feel as if I floated through the parties, family gatherings, and holidays right into the New Year without realizing just how quickly time was passing or even having time to reflect on the events of the past year. Now that we're… Continue reading Reflections