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Anger Boiled Over

I am not afraid; you no longer scare me. Once so terrified of you, I spent hours scouring the Internet desperately trying to find your new address, license plate number, and make and model of your latest car. Not anymore. You've had your way with my emotions for the last time. Though not physically raped,… Continue reading Anger Boiled Over

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Accepting My Identity Outside of “Mother”

Moms, Dads, athletes, professionals, and students are all common ways that people identify themselves. For a period of time during my younger years I identified myself as a Type A Perfectionist. I was born with a plan and goals and nothing was going to stop me from completing my plans and achieving my goals. As time… Continue reading Accepting My Identity Outside of “Mother”

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When the Damage is Done

I hold no ill will and wish you peace. This I have told you time and time again. It seems every time a fair amount of time passes you reappear, just as you did when I was a vulnerable child, unaware of how to protect myself from your absence or your presence. I understand and… Continue reading When the Damage is Done

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Why I Refuse to Let My Faith be Tested

Born and raised in Boston, I grew up a strict Irish Catholic. If I wasn't at Mass with one set of grandparents over the weekend, my Dad made sure my siblings and I were there with him and my Mom. Maybe because of the connotation my Faith carries so closely to my grandparents', or maybe… Continue reading Why I Refuse to Let My Faith be Tested

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My First Parenting Fail and What It Taught Me

I've been looking forward to today for months. For some, today is just a regular, rainy Tuesday in March, but for me, it's much more than that. Today was the day my husband and I chose to celebrate our anniversary. You see, my husband, Mike, is a critically acclaimed chef and with his position comes… Continue reading My First Parenting Fail and What It Taught Me

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Try as he might he couldn't hide it. No matter how clean the house, how neatly the laundry was folded, or how perfectly he was dressed, Everyone knew. Everyday he swore he'd do better. He'd have dinner on the table promptly on the table at six, with dessert to follow at seven sharp. When The… Continue reading Invisible

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My Legacy

I've recently devoured the first season of Amazon's new series, " Z: The Beginning of Everything." I finished the season in one day ,(okay, I admit it, I spent the day bingeing), and was inspired to order the book, authored by Therese Anne Fowler, that the series is based on. Watching the show's portrayal of Zelda… Continue reading My Legacy

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To The Best Man I’ve Ever Known

Pingback : This week we are challenged to write about the greatest___we know. This is an especially dear challenge to my heart. A few years back I found myself a 20 something year old, unemployed, single mom with no car or savings to speak of. After drowning my sorrows in way too many bottles of… Continue reading To The Best Man I’ve Ever Known

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Comfort in Solitude

  As the sun shines brightly, the birds chirp happily, and everyone seems bright-eyed, and, ready to face the day that awaits them. Not me thought. Immediately upon the dreaded alarm clock going off, I pull my down comforter over my head, desperately attempting the alarm clock to grant me just one more moment of solitude. Immediately paralyzed with both… Continue reading Comfort in Solitude

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Her Vacant Self

"Are we really going to do this again tonight?" "No, please stop. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you angry. I don't want to fight!" Silence deafens the tension rich sedan air they share. The roaring sounds of racing tires on the wet highway asphalt serves as a lullaby for her, the constant sound… Continue reading Her Vacant Self