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More than Survival

Pingback: For centuries people have struggled with the question of, "why are we here, what is our purpose," and "what does it all mean?" I have not escaped these age-old questions, nor the search for deeper meaning. For as long as I can remember I have tormented myself trying to figure out and master my… Continue reading More than Survival

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Why I Refuse to Let My Faith be Tested

Born and raised in Boston, I grew up a strict Irish Catholic. If I wasn't at Mass with one set of grandparents over the weekend, my Dad made sure my siblings and I were there with him and my Mom. Maybe because of the connotation my Faith carries so closely to my grandparents', or maybe… Continue reading Why I Refuse to Let My Faith be Tested

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Walking At Eight Months Pregnant and Why I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Gliding through my undergraduate career, and I do mean gliding, everything was just as I had planned it would be. My long time boyfriend and I had recently become engaged, we purchased a brand new car, and we lived in a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment that would be perfect for when we got… Continue reading Walking At Eight Months Pregnant and Why I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

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My Wish For You

Pingback: Pingback: This week we were challenged to show a wish. My wish for you is that your smile stay as bright and genuine as it is in this photograph. My wish for you is that your spirit remain as free and unhibited as displayed here, pure joy spilling out of you. My wish for… Continue reading My Wish For You

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The Truest Love

All New Writers Quote Challenge Prompt Pingback: "Where there is love, there is life" (Mahatma Gandhi) Your sweet breath every so slightly hums as I watch you sleep, Stroking your chubby, Rosy red cheeks. As I watch you peacefully sleep, I realize this is true love; This is the meaning of life. It wasn't until… Continue reading The Truest Love

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Self Discovery

via Daily Prompt: Discover I make a valiant effort to participate in our daily prompts. Admittedly, I do occasionally hit my wall a miss a beat or two. Not today, though. Discover is both a remarkably and inspirational prompt. How many ways can one be discovered in life? Whether discovered professionally, platonically, or romantically there are… Continue reading Self Discovery

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So This Is Christmas

So this is Christmas... and here we find ourselves, another year passed, yet again swamped in wrapping paper, holiday cards, parties, and oh the sweets, all the sweets! I must admit this is my favorite time of year. As a young girl my mother always went out of her way to make Christmastime magical for… Continue reading So This Is Christmas

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Five years ago today I drunkenly and selfishly sat in shock and denial. I couldn't function, had no motivation to try to function, and was as close to giving up as I've ever been. The next few days were all a blur. All I really remember is the soul crushing, almost numbing pain I felt… Continue reading Remembering

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I Love You Most Looking for new ways to further involve myself in the blogging community I came across A Momma's View, "Tell Me Something Good" challenge. Instantly, I loved the idea. We all know how dreadful Mondays can be, especially here in New England where it's getting dark before 4:30 these days! So, here goes my "something… Continue reading I Love You Most

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"I thought I knew love and then I had you," is something I often say to my son, and I'm not sure I could express the sentiment better if I tried. I was a wife, a daughter, granddaughter, sister, and friend when I became a mother, and so I was confident I knew love. Surely… Continue reading Agape