I’m a Mom

The scent of bleach and Pine-Sol dance atop her wood floors, while fresh lines from the vacuum simultaneously decorate the carpet. The entire scene is enhanced by the smell of the freshly lit candle, now flickering away, Signifying that the school bus would soon appear and her morning job would be complete. Her afternoon work … Continue reading I’m a Mom

I’m Going to Miss This

In his hit song, “You're Gonna Miss This,” Trace Adkins sings to a young woman who appears to be rushing through each stage of life. Barely a newlywed, she already has a plan mapped out for her and her husband to buy their first home. To this, Adkins advises her to slow down, as she … Continue reading I’m Going to Miss This

What If?

Pingback: https://evewanderer11.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/the-daily-post-the-road-less-traveled/ By my first wedding anniversary, I knew my marriage was doomed. During the twelve short months we had been married it was made crystal clear to me that, despite the birth of our first child just 1 month shy of our 1 year anniversary, he was who he was and he would never change; not … Continue reading What If?

What Will It Take For Mom to Get an Impromptu Weekend Getaway?

Tomorrow morning my husband and his brother fly out for a golf getaway in sunny Florida. Yesterday, we had a blizzard that brought with it ravaging, arctic temperatures and well below zero wind chills, in addition to dumping over 14'' of snow on us. My husband is a hard worker, a wonderfully loving, supportive, and … Continue reading What Will It Take For Mom to Get an Impromptu Weekend Getaway?

His Loaded Smile

Pingback: https://logicaldreams.wordpress.com/2018/01/07/short-story-that-smile/ If only she could keep a better eye on him - pay him more attention, That's all he needed More of her attention. Always so busy with the baby and work and the house, Surely she was neglecting him. When finally she managed to convince herself of this... She caught him laying that winsome smile … Continue reading His Loaded Smile

As a Stay-at-Home-Mom With an Older Child, What’s Next For Me?

This piece originally appeared on HerViewFromHome.com (https://herviewfromhome.com/im-a-stay-at-home-mom-with-an-older-child-whats-next-for-me/) Growing up I always knew I was “going to be somebody and make something of myself.” An obsessive overachiever, I was confident I was destined to do something amazing with life. I had big plans for myself, and I never deviated from a well thought out plan. High … Continue reading As a Stay-at-Home-Mom With an Older Child, What’s Next For Me?

Speaking Out About Sexual Assault: Why We Must Keep Raising Our Voices

*This piece originally appeared on HerViewFromHome.com* (https://herviewfromhome.com/speaking-out-about-sexual-assault-why-we-must-keep-raising-our-voices/) I was nineteen the first time it happened to me, standing in the coat check line of one of those seedy eighteen-plus clubs that reeks of smoke, too much cologne, and spilled booze. The music was still pulsating through both the club and my body and the “ugly … Continue reading Speaking Out About Sexual Assault: Why We Must Keep Raising Our Voices

He Has A Dad

I wasn't naive, I knew the separation and eventual divorce would be difficult. I knew the hurt, anger, sadness, shock, denial, and disappointment of our failures would get the best of us, at least during the early stages. From Day One, I was right. You were awful, I was awful, some less than supportive family and … Continue reading He Has A Dad

Photo Challenge Temporary

Pingback: https://www.happinessandfood.com/childhood/   There was a time that he wouldn't sleep without the security of me snuggled up next to him... A naive first-time-mom I believed those days would last forever... These days, when he climbs into our bed and peacefully drifts off to the Land of Dreams with his arms wrapped around me, I lay … Continue reading Photo Challenge Temporary

Our Family Is Interfaith and Better For It

*This piece originally appeared on Parent Co. (Parent.com: https://www.parent.com/our-family-is-interfaith-and-better-for-it/) I was raised in a traditional Irish Catholic family in a suburb about 25 minutes South of Boston. As a young girl, I attended church most weekends with one set of grandparents or the other. When I became a teenager, our dad had a rule that we either … Continue reading Our Family Is Interfaith and Better For It