Just Incase

"Please make sure he's in the middle." "Why?" "It's the safest place." "Seriously?" "Well that's what all the experts say." "But we have dual side curtain airbags and reaching in the middle of the truck is a pain in the ass." "Can't you ever just do what I ask?" "You're gonna push me on this … Continue reading Just Incase

Vulnerable No Longer

via Daily Prompt: Hideout "I don't understand," he cried, almost inaudibly. "Everything's great; you're great, I'm great, we're great-" "I said it's over," she interrupted, her voice cold and abrupt. "But, we have such good times together," he pleaded further. "Listen, we had a few good times. We had some fun. That's all it was," … Continue reading Vulnerable No Longer

An Accidental Feminist?

Pingback: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/discover-challenges/speak-out/ This week we are challenged to speak out. Here's my voice. I did not march yesterday. I wasn’t one of the crowd that amassed the inaugural crowd by roughly three times (New York Times). Instead, I split  the day between home and running errands with my son,  followed by dinner at a friends’ house, … Continue reading An Accidental Feminist?

Her Vacant Self

"Are we really going to do this again tonight?" "No, please stop. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you angry. I don't want to fight!" Silence deafens the tension rich sedan air they share. The roaring sounds of racing tires on the wet highway asphalt serves as a lullaby for her, the constant sound … Continue reading Her Vacant Self