The Cost of Perfection

Walking across the stage receiving her diploma was one of the proudest moments of her life, and one of the most terrifying.  She couldn't believe she was the first one in her family to graduate from college but she still had no idea what she was going to do about her situation. If her father … Continue reading The Cost of Perfection


Five years ago today I drunkenly and selfishly sat in shock and denial. I couldn't function, had no motivation to try to function, and was as close to giving up as I've ever been. The next few days were all a blur. All I really remember is the soul crushing, almost numbing pain I felt … Continue reading Remembering

It’s Christmastime Now

It's Christmastime now But you already know that. What's it like for you there? Do you miss us as much as we miss you? Surely it has so much more meaning where you are; It must be Divine. The weather is changing, too, Getting colder by the day. Darkness falls earlier and earlier each afternoon … Continue reading It’s Christmastime Now

Tears From Heaven

The rain pours down like tears from Heaven today and I can't help but think of You. It rained the day we said our final goodbye, I remember thinking the rain was so appropriate, For the sun surely couldn't shine when I was so devastated and You were gone, Forever. Except You're not gone, This … Continue reading Tears From Heaven

The Gift of Death

Around two o'clock in the morning I was awoken by a call from my grandmother that changed everything. I knew it was coming, my grandfather had been on hospice for a week, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the deep grief that instantly took my mind, body, heart, and soul hostage. I was surprised to … Continue reading The Gift of Death

State of Grace

For the past six years I have suffered with chronic health issues, pain, and overall poor health. I advocated for my health, certain there was, in fact, a serious problem(s) and  visited surgeon after surgeon, specialist after specialist, only to hear, "this may be your normal." The past four months have been particularly difficult, though. … Continue reading State of Grace