Not Just My Friend, My Person

Pingback: This week we were challenged to share an image of a friend. Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and species. The image I have decided to share is a simple one, though the relationship it embodies is anything but simple. This seemingly mundane photo shows a long-lasting, supportive, loyal, honest, and loving friendship, and … Continue reading Not Just My Friend, My Person

Gone With the Rain

Pingback: It rained today, Just as it did the day You went away. I stared at the grey sky Watching the rain pour down as I sat and cried. It rained today, Just as it did the day You went away. The rain took more than just you That day. The rain took with it … Continue reading Gone With the Rain

Shattered Slumer

Pingback: The Daily Prompt: Maze Her slumber shattered by sunlight pouring in, she shields her sore eyes behind thick, black shades. Chasing her daily breakfast of aspirin and caffeine she yanks the curtains closer in a desperate attempt to block out the promise of the new day waiting outside her door. Trapped in the solitary … Continue reading Shattered Slumer

Zelda and F. Scott; Love Story or Tragedy

Pingback:   After watching the Amazon series, "Z: The Beginning of Everything," I couldn't wait to get my hands on the book. The two-day wait for my paperback copy of Terese Fowler's novel, Z: The Beginning of Everything, nearly drove me crazy. Having binge watched the entire season of the Amazon series in two days, … Continue reading Zelda and F. Scott; Love Story or Tragedy

The Neighborhood Crazy Lady

Pingback: Pingback:   She spent most of her days alone, Longing for companionship, or company, or even just conversation. Every evening she shuffled to the corner store, where her numbers Lay in wait to be played. Walking down her street as the sun began to set in her house dress, Most of the neighborhood thought … Continue reading The Neighborhood Crazy Lady

When Home Changes

Pingback: A July Sunset as Seen from Mystic, CT Born, raised, and educated in Boston I have always considered myself a true Bostonian. I love all things Boston; the excitement of the city, the abundance of culture found in countless museums, the access to the best medical care and education in the country, and the … Continue reading When Home Changes

Vulnerable No Longer

via Daily Prompt: Hideout "I don't understand," he cried, almost inaudibly. "Everything's great; you're great, I'm great, we're great-" "I said it's over," she interrupted, her voice cold and abrupt. "But, we have such good times together," he pleaded further. "Listen, we had a few good times. We had some fun. That's all it was," … Continue reading Vulnerable No Longer

To The Best Man I’ve Ever Known

Pingback : This week we are challenged to write about the greatest___we know. This is an especially dear challenge to my heart. A few years back I found myself a 20 something year old, unemployed, single mom with no car or savings to speak of. After drowning my sorrows in way too many bottles of … Continue reading To The Best Man I’ve Ever Known