The Public Speaker’s Innermost Thoughts

Pingback:   From backstage, he can't see them, but he knows there's a crowd from the hushed whispers, an unmistakable sound. He knows his turn will soon come around and Despite his best efforts, none of his confidence has been found.   Plagued with crippling doubts and fears, He wonders if anyone will care when … Continue reading The Public Speaker’s Innermost Thoughts

In the Looking Glass

When you've cast the parties and bottles and good times aside and learned to Prioritize, How long must the hangover of the parties and the bottles and good times last? For some it seems the shadow of their darkest days is doomed to lurk above forever. How is one to escape the cycle? Prove oneself? Become … Continue reading In the Looking Glass

When Will Enough be Enough?

I grew up in a suburb about 20 minutes South of Boston. Though a large city, my neighborhood was an insulated one that felt like a small town within the city. My friend's and I lived, played, worked, and attended Church all in about a three-mile radius, if that. Everyone knew everyone; we all worked … Continue reading When Will Enough be Enough?

Beautiful Vacancy

Magnetic was her beauty, People couldn't stay away. Men wanted her while Women wanted to be her. Many men pledged loyalty to her, Yet she couldn't help but stray. To her beauty meant nothing She never understood the fuss. She wanted more and more until People feared for her. Heed their warnings she did not … Continue reading Beautiful Vacancy

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

A college graduate, a graduate student, married, and a new mother by 24 one could easily say I had a full plate. Madly in love with both my son and my husband, and fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home-mom, I was in love with my life, or what I perceived to be my life. My husband … Continue reading Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Daily Prompt: Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful Between the retching, sweating, and shaking, He desperately reached for his phone. Pleading with his guy for a delivery, he begged for a front. Unsurprisingly, "no fronts" was policy in this line of business; no exceptions. Defeated and getting sicker and sicker, he mustered the last bits of strength he had … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Careful


She presents her power point, Types her reports, Prepares her proposals All to perfection. Nobody knows she borders Perforation. She slips away silently, Small sips steady her constant Shaking. Someday she'll heal Someday she'll deal Someday a bottle won't be a meal. Today she's okay That's what she'll say When the looking glass Won't give … Continue reading Perforation

Daily Prompt: Elegant

via Daily Prompt: Elegant She hides behind her manners and pearls, Ever careful not to utter the wrong word, lest she be labeled Un-LadyLike. Hair perfectly coiffed, nails painted to perfection, perfectly pressed pencil pants lay flat across her taught stomach. Well Mannered Educated and Socialized Nobody knows her deep, dark secrets. So graceful outwardly … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Elegant