I’m Going to Miss This

In his hit song, “You’re Gonna Miss This,” Trace Adkins sings to a young woman who appears to be rushing through each stage of life. Barely a newlywed, she already has a plan mapped out for her and her husband to buy their first home. To this, Adkins advises her to slow down, as she will, “miss this,” phase of her life. Later in the song, that same young woman is a bit older and is described as a bit disheveled, trying to deal with a broken appliance and a house full of rambunctious children running around. Once again, amidst the chaos, Trace Adkins reminds her that she’s “going to miss this.”

A stay-at-home-mom to one, my son and my husband are my whole world. I love being available to them whenever they need me, I love knowing that I can almost always make it to my son’s school events, I love knowing that I’m the lucky one that has the privilege of sitting with my son after school each day and working on his homework with him, and I love knowing that, despite my husband’s unconventional and demanding schedule, we’re still able to spend plenty of quality time together, because I’m home. I’m beyond Blessed and I don’t take these Blessings for granted.

Still though, when the laundry is piling up, the dishwasher is full, the floor needs sweeping, the dog needs to be fed and let out, supper is on the stove, my little guy is begging me to shoot hoops or play XBox One S with him, or I’ve spent all day cleaning and my husband walks in and drops all of his stuff (ALL THE STUFF) wherever he happens to land, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. In fact, sometimes, I want to scream! I want to express to my wonderfully loving and supportive family that I am only one person and that, while I may not have a job outside of our home, I hold almost all of our household responsibilities, and as one single person, juggling so much, there are times when I’m tired, when I need a break, when I need just half an hour to regroup.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are moms all over the world who balance more than one child, a husband, household responsibilities, and a career, and I respect the bejesus out of them! These women have my respect, admiration, and compassion.

I don’t mean to complain or play the worlds smallest violin. Every night when I lay my head down and say my prayers I thank God for this beautiful life that He has Blessed me with, and I remind myself that someday, I’m “gonna miss this.”

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