What Will It Take For Mom to Get an Impromptu Weekend Getaway?

Tomorrow morning my husband and his brother fly out for a golf getaway in sunny Florida.

Yesterday, we had a blizzard that brought with it ravaging, arctic temperatures and well below zero wind chills, in addition to dumping over 14” of snow on us.

My husband is a hard worker, a wonderfully loving, supportive, and patient partner and father who takes very good care of us. He deserves this trip.

But still…

While I may not have a traditional job “outside of our house,” I have many responsibilities. I balance all of our schedules, handle all of our son’s school-related conferences, activities, and assignments, and manage all aspects of our household, all in addition to scheduling and attending all pediatrician appointments. I do all of the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and gift buying. If it weren’t for me, my dear in-laws would never receive Mother’s or Father’s Day Cards, much less birthday or holiday cards or gifts.

I know my fine-dining-chef needs this break after a particularly brutal holiday season at the restaurant.

However, I cannot tell a lie.

I am jealous


A bit bitter


Even a little angry.

As I packed his bag this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder, when will my turn come?

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