Write Here Write Now


Write here write now I sit grateful to finally have broken through a terribly frustrating bought of writer’s block that lasted far too long. Write here write now I am up far too late, but terrified that if I give in to my heavy and sleep-filled eyes my inspiration will escape me once again, and I can’t allow that.

Write here write now I sit reflecting on my latest piece to be published, (http://enigmalife.com/stories/fighting-through-the-pain-and-making-it-to-the-other-side), wondering what I could have done differently, if the piece reflects my feelings, and if the piece portrays said feelings effectively to the reader? I wonder how I can be better, do better, work more, and improve the quality of my work; truly hone my craft?

Write here write now I sit in a state of gratitude for the gift I have been blessed with; the gift of language; speaking, reading, and writing. Write here write now, I am content.

2 thoughts on “Write Here Write Now

    1. I’m sorry you’re experiencing the dreaded writer’s block! I found that when I finally stopped trying so hard and just went about my day, my inspiration organically returned. Best of luck to you. I’d love to read some of your work!


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