Memories of Sweet Haze

Daily Prompt: Memory on the Menu


Memories have long fascinated me. A huge source of comfort to me, it never ceases to amaze me how seemingly mundane things like songs and smells can immediately transport me back in time to experience a memory.

Today’s question asks us, “which memories are better – the recent and vivid ones or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?”

To me, the distant memories covered in a glaze of sweet haze are far better than recent and vivid memories. As time passes and memories gain nostalgia, they become sweeter and, at times, more favorable than the actual event or moment we’re remembering.

Every time I hear a particular song or smell a specific scent, the always welcome and familiar haze of nostalgia consumes me while I get lost in my memories.

Sweet, hazy memories are invaluable. When I think back and remember my nine-year-old little boy as a baby, my mind and memories are flooded with all things positive; the baby snuggles we shared daily, his yummy smell after his nightly baths, and the most beautiful and unforgettable sound in the World; his first laugh. These are all the things I remember.

My family, however, have completely different memories of my son’s earliest days. They remember a colicky and temperamental baby who required endless attention. My memories of my easy and happy baby couldn’t be further from theirs.

Perhaps this is the way nature intended it? Perhaps parents are meant to forget the hard times and only remember the sweet, hazy days and moments of their children’s earliest days? Surely if parents remembered cranky and demanding babies who never slept, far fewer second children would be born!

From memories of my beloved grandfathers in Heaven to my high school years to my son’s earliest years, I prefer the sweet and hazy glaze of my memories!


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