An Open Letter to My Mom


Dear Ma,

I may not know a lot but I know a few things for sure. First of all, I owe you both an apology and a sincere thank you.

I’m so very sorry for doubting you’re instincts, which almost always proved to be spot-on. I’m so very sorry for being so hard on you when you were doing your very best (which I now know was better than okay).

I’m so very sorry for not taking your advice when you told me, time and time again, that I couldn’t plan everything out!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to be the best mother I can.

Thank you for supporting my hopes, dreams, and aspirations without fault.

Thank you for standing by me while I made major mistakes; allowing me to both make them and learn from them.

Thank you for celebrating my successes with me.

Thank you for picking me up when I’ve fallen.

Thank you for my siblings, whom I love dearly.

Finally, thank you for loving my child and myself as passionately and unconditionally as you do.


I’d be lost without you, for you’re far more than my mother, you’re my friend.  Thank you for the honor of your love, support, guidance, and friendship.

With Love,






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