Question for My Fellow Bloggers

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I’m wondering if any of you may be able to suggest ways for me to increase traffic? I’d appreciate any feedback. 


12 thoughts on “Question for My Fellow Bloggers

      1. After you post on you Facebook page, you can click the boost button and pay as little as $1 to spread it to your target audience. Everyone that likes your posts you can invite to like your page and then they are more likely to read it again in the future. Thus retaining your audience.

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  1. Link to your Facebook page, I have also created a rollingblogger fans page on Facebook so I can interact. Basically, what it boils down to is interaction. For the first couple years as a blogger I would have good months and I would have bad months. I finally figured the key is to really put in the work for the views you want. Read and comment on other blogs like your own. Be an encouragement and the readers will follow.

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