Childhood Ending Version 24


For a long time, I wasn’t  quite sure when childhood ended for me. Always wise beyond my years, uber-responsible, and full of ambition, I feel like I’ve been a similar version of myself throughout the entirety of my life.

I’ve experienced many milestones that traditionally symbolize the “end of childhood.” Getting my first job (at the mere age of 14), graduating high school, earning my Bachelor’s Degree, attending graduate school, and getting married are all achievements in one’s life that commemorate the “end of childhood.”

The day I was blessed with the birth of my son I realized my childhood had come to an end. Despite the fact that I had already earned a college degree, been married, and had been a part of the workforce for nearly 10 years, I never truly felt as though I had grown up. The instant my son was placed in my arms changed everything for me. In that moment, I knew nothing would ever be the same. Gone were the days of worrying about “me” and “my wants,” for my precious baby boy would surely require all of my energy. At just 24 years old, my childhood ended and I became a member of the most amazing club; the Motherhood Club. My self-serving ways immediately gave way to the immense, unconditional love that flooded my mind, body, spirit, and soul. My childhood was officially over and I had become an adult.

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