More than Survival


For centuries people have struggled with the question of, “why are we here, what is our purpose,” and “what does it all mean?” I have not escaped these age-old questions, nor the search for deeper meaning. For as long as I can remember I have tormented myself trying to figure out and master my purpose.

While I may not know exactly what my purpose is or “what it all means,” I do know that I wasn’t Blessed with this life by chance. I believe, with my entire being, that God gave me this life for a reason; a purpose uniquely mine.

From the time we are children we are taught the “fight or flight” and “survival” modes. Later in life when faced with difficult or trying times we are commended for merely managing to make it through; for managing to survive. Is this what we should strive for though, merely surviving?

Survive is defined as continuing to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. While certain circumstances absolutely call for one to implore survival skills, I fear we, as a society, have become complacent with merely surviving. All too often we hear “well, you survived” in response to a relatively mundane complaint.

Surely this isn’t what God intended for us. Each and every one of us was put on this great planet Earth not to simply survive, but instead to flourish. We are meant to share our unique talents and gifts. Each of us has love inside of us that is meant to be spread and shared amongst our fellow brothers and sisters. With all these precious gifts to offer,  how sad for us to settle in a state of mere survival?

2 thoughts on “More than Survival

  1. Well said and I agree that we all have a purpose in life, some people know that in the early stage of their life, like Steve job’s purpose and since his life had a time line, he worked furiously towards getting his purpose fulfilled, were some get to know in the later part of their life, but I believe every one get’s to know it some point of their life.

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