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Sunshine floods her no longer dark room,

Promising the hope of a new day


Wiping away the safety of sleep.



Fumbling through the fear that every morning delivers, she reaches for the familiar slim bottle at her bedside


Swallows the magic medicine that enables her

To Be.



Waiting for the relief that is promised,

She moves about the sun stained morning

Readying herself for the day and

Silently choking on the racing and pounding sensations that wage war on her senses.



Perfectly primed for the day

Only the anticipation of the effects of her man-made concoction hold her back.

Soon the always welcome wave of relief washes over her.

She breathes a heavy, long breath, shaking off the dread that no longer holds her morning hostage.




As her mind drifts off into wonder at what the day will hold

She longs to be free…

Disposed to doing better she retreats to her bedside

Retrieving the familiar slim bottle.

As she places it in the trash she breaks the security of her locked front door  and steps  into her new self.



Ever so faintly, the racing and  pounding return as she wonders what she just did…












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