How Late is Too Late?

So busy with her everyday, she’d get to it later,

It was just a phone call; not that big of a deal,

She told herself.

So she went about her day:





Helping with Homework


Going through the ritualistic bedtime routine.

When she finally sat down to make the call she was so tired and it was so tired, so once more she told herself she’d do it later; first thing tomorrow.

First thing tomorrow came with chaotic demands for breakfast and lunch money and rides for the perpetually late bunch.

Preoccupied with the events of the already hectic morning, she grabbed her coffee,  never thinking about making the call.

The rest of the day went much life the previous; jam-packed with seemingly never-ending activities;





Helping with Homework


Going through the ritualistic bedtime routine, again.

Tonight when she sat down though she didn’t have the chance to make the call. Instead, much to her surprise, her landline rang. Dreading it, but knowing she had to, she picked up to her hear the news, “I’m sorry, he’s gone.”

Dropping the phone and breaking down she regretted not taking that one last opportunity to make the call. Her soul swelled with sadness and regret for letting the mundane of everyday get in the way of her saying “I Love You” one last time.



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