Sitting around my parents’ dinner table I can’t help but watch and take everything in. This year has been quite a year for us, I’ve been very, very sick, our family was blessed with a new baby thanks to my sister, my youngest sister moved out of my parents’ house, my sweet baby boy will be nine next month, and my first love, my baby brother will graduate college this Spring.

Watching everybody chat and eat I can’t help but wonder where the time went. It seems like just yesterday I had this bouncing, blue-eyed, blond haired baby boy and now when I look at my beloved I no longer see a baby. Instead, I see a little boy who’s interested in video games, sports, clothes, and worst of all girls!

My seven year old nephew isn’t much different. He’s growing just as fast and ever as determined to keep up with his big cousin. Gone are the days when he was the absolute sweetest little boy one could ever imagine.

One would think it would end there. Oh no. It seems we’ve saved the worst (or best, depending on how you’re looking at it) for last. In just a few  short weeks my brother will be a college graduate. My brother and I are nearly 12 years apart. He’s a wonderful uncle to my son, I simply couldn’t ask for more. I’m beyond proud of him and how hard he’s worked. What kills me is that before I had my baby my only reference point for unconditional love was my brother. I was nearly 12 when he was born and I immediately fell madly in love with him. As I got older and started working and bought a car I took him with me everywhere and spoiled him; not because it was expected of me, but because I loved him so much and nothing brought me greater joy than making him happy.

So as he embarks on this new journey I hope he finds happiness, love, success, and joy. Most of all though, I hope he knows he always has a family that loves and supports him unconditionally that he can come to should he ever need to.

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