via Daily Prompt: Quicken

Through the dim lights and hazy smoke she thought she saw him. Unable to make out his face, but sure of the broad shoulders and strong arms that she so yearned for, she was convinced it was him. Desperate to make her way toward him through the crowd, her body wouldn’t allow her. Try as she might her legs remained planted, leaving her unable to move off of the bar stool she had commandeered earlier that evening.

Continuing to order doubles she wished the noise in her head would quite so she could concentrate on how she would approach him. Why did the music have to be so loud? Her head began to pound and she considered leaving.

As she prepared to finally will her legs to work so she could leave and clear her now far too foggy head, he emerged from the crowd and the haze. Her breath quickened as he approached her and her legs gave way and landed her back on the trusty bar stool where she promptly ordered and shot back another double, anticipating what he might say.

The closer he got, the quicker her breathing became, the less control she felt over her own body. It was as if she was watching this encounter from a faraway place outside of her body.

He was closer now, and she was ready. She sat up straight and put on her game face. To her surprise, he walked past her, never making eye contact, nor seeming to even notice her.

After the initial shock she turned to see him cozied up next to a beautiful young woman in an intimate banquette sharing drinks and laughing without a care in the world.

Immediately her legs propelled her to the ladies room where she promptly lost all those doubles she shot back. After some time had passed, how much she didn’t know, she made her way through the still too noisy crowd outside and hailed a cab home.


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