To The Best Man I’ve Ever Known

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This week we are challenged to write about the greatest___we know.

This is an especially dear challenge to my heart. A few years back I found myself a 20 something year old, unemployed, single mom with no car or savings to speak of.

After drowning my sorrows in way too many bottles of late night wine, I escaped the darkness and started living again. I had made peace with the idea that it would be my son  and myself forever, and I was okay with that.

Then, out of nowhere and completely unexpected came Mike, a childhood friend. He invited me to dinner and I happily accepted. We’ve been together ever since.

Mike is the best man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing; it’s an honor to call him my husband. Mike had every reason to run away. I came with more than average baggage. He never left. In fact, he stayed and quickly became the most wonderful husband and father I could have ever dreamed of. Selfless, hardworking, loving, and dedicated to his family are just a few of Mike’s amazing qualities.

In short, I will forever be grateful for that invitation to dinner all those years ago!



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