The Town She Used to Know

via Daily Prompt: Exquisite

“She must not be from around these parts,” they  whispered, mouths agape as she entered the room with a confident grace, holding hostage the attention of anyone who dared look her way.

“I think she is.”

” I heard that she went away to the city for college.”

“I heard that she divorced a rich old man, has a pile ‘o money now.”


A hush came over the room as her scarlet stained lips parted.

Would she speak?

What would she say?

Who would she talk to?

With the eyes of the room upon her,

She lifted a cigarette to her mouth .

Amused by the attention,

She leaned into the nearest gentlemen, close enough to

Smell his musk


Feel his hot breath.

“Excuse me,” she spoke!

“Might you have a light?” she teased, smirking.

Cigarette now tracing her crimson pout back and forth,

Allowing the tiniest bit of bright white to shine through as she coyly smiled.

“Sssshhure.” He stuttered back, lifting his shaking hand to light the cigarette.

“You’d think with this pile ‘o money I got in the divorce I’d at least have my own light!” she exclaimed as she slowly exited the silent room, staring intently at the people of the town she used to know.

Remaining a mystery,

She was exquisite.









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