Evening Out the Uneven

via Daily Prompt: Uneven

Just as soon as I finish helping with homework and cooking dinner, I’ll be able to take a deep breath.

No wait, first I have to

clean up the dinner dishes,

read a bedtime story,


lay out tomorrow’s clothes.

Yes, then I’ll sit down.

Maybe put my feet up.

Oh but I really should catch up on emails


balance the checkbook.

Responsibility weighs heavily on my often fragile shoulders as I sit at the dimly lit kitchen table late into the evening.

Waiting for the perfect time to find a moment

To make mine,

To even out

The uneven

Of everyday.



4 thoughts on “Evening Out the Uneven

    1. Thank you. I’m learning to make balance more of a priority. I’m Blessed to have a supportive husband and wonderful son, so my stress is largely self-induced, but I’m getting better!

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    1. Thank you for reading my piece and your thoughtful comment.
      I’m actually very lucky to have a super supportive husband and our son rarely gives us any trouble. Admittedly, most of my stress is self-induced and I’m working on it!

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