For as long as I can remember, Christmastime has been my absolute favorite time of year. I simply love everything about the season; all of the family traditions, the goodwill and giving, the gathering of families around dinner tables everywhere, the decorating, and the smells!

Having my child brought even more majesty to the season for me. I was so grateful to be able to see Christmas and all its magic through his eyes, and this is still something I take great joy in. As he has grown over the years, I must admit, I have long yearned for an “adult” Christmas tree. Decorating is a passion of mine, especially during the holidays, and so I have spent eight years waiting to design, build, and enjoy my “adult” tree. This year I decided it was time. Mama was finally going to get her long sought after tree! After much planning, preparation, trips to the craft store, and hard work hand crafting my ornaments, I couldn’t have been more pleased with my tree!

Then my little guy came home from school, and with one look at the Christmas tree his devastation was all too evident. My beautiful, neutral toned, nautical inspired tree that evokes such a sense of peace and harmony in me did nothing for him. Rather, he solemnly expressed to me that, “with that tree it won’t even feel like we’ll have a real Christmas!” At this point I was broken-hearted for disappointing my son so terribly. Ah, but I’m no one trick pony. I had a fast and furious solution!

First thing this morning my husband, my son, and myself jumped into our trusty SUV, on a mission to make sure our favorite eight year old little guy had his “real Christmas.” Within half an hour we had purchased a perfectly sized tree for our son to put up in his bedroom and decorate any way he chose to. He chose white lights, red ribbon, plenty of sparkly and classroom made ornaments for his personal tree. When he placed the last ornament in its perfect spot on his tree I asked my son why the other tree was such a big deal for him. I was genuinely curious as to the inner workings of my eight year old’s mind. His answer was very sensible. To him, the Christmas tree represents what is to come; Christmas. Every year, for all of his eight year’s, we’ve had a tree that looked far more like the one in his room than the one in our family room this year. So for him, my “adult” tree simply doesn’t represent Christmas or any of our family Christmas traditions.

I must admit, I found his thought process both very interesting and quite profound, especially for an eight year old little boy.



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