Echos of Love

Love is defined as : an intense feeling of deep affection. I believe this to be a most base, generic definition of the word love. Truth be told, I’m not sure the word can be defined. How can an emotion be defined? How can an all-consuming,  heart racing, pulse increasing feeling be merely and  simply defined as “an intense feeling of deep affection?” Especially when affection itself isn’t even love.

I believe love is so grand an emotion, so consuming a feeling, so mind, body, and soul awakening, that nature protects us, allowing us to feel Echos of love only at a time. I’ve long-held the believe that if my heart were to truly feel the vast scope of the love I have for my child it would simply burst; combust. While I always love my child, there are certain instances and moments when Mother Nature, clever as She is, gives me Echos as to the depth of my love. Whether its while watching my son take his first steps, hearing him read his first words, or witnessing him receive his First Holy Communion, in those moments my heart was so full, I knew I was receiving a God-given Echo. I knew this because I couldn’t have loved anymore if I tried, and the tears streaming down my face were a good indication as well!

While my son is the most obvious example of pure and all-consuming love in my life, my husband is surely another. Day-to-day we go about our routines; taking care of our son, working, and living our daily home life. Every now and then though, when he’s not looking, I catch a glimpse of him and that Echo of love hits me out of nowhere, ahrd and strong. It’s as if I fall in love with him all over again in those moments. I know if I felt that way everyday, I’d be very unproductive, and this is why I believe we are subject to the “Echos” that I speak of.

I simply don’t believe our hearts can handle all the love we have to give all at once without being completely overwhelmed. What do my fellow bloggers think?


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