The Her Only She Knew


Well educated, traveled, cultured, socialized, and oh so


Everybody believed her to be the loftiest of them all.

Charming all who crossed her path with her elegant smile and gracious manner, she had them all convinced, she was the fairest of them all.

Not so deep down she knew differently though. She was just a girl who knew how to work a room, knew how to give the people what they wanted and they seemed to want her at her best;




was what they wanted from her and so like a well-trained performer she delivered.

At night though she retreated to the safety of herself, letting the false air of both perceived perfection and loftiness fall away. Sometimes though it was hard for her to shake her public persona and she had to hide away and perform her shameful nightly numbing rituals; those her audience would never know about, nor belive her to be apart of.

It wasn’t until she was sufficiently numb that she, the real her, could shake off the lofty persona worn and performed all day.



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