A Letter to All Women as Another Birthday Approaches

As my 33rd birthday approaches, I can’t help but wonder where the time has gone? Cliche as it may sound, it seems like just yesterday I was a mere 24-year-old having my son and really beginning my adult life. Then I remember how much has happened and changed over the past 9 years. I’ve been married, had my son, divorced, suffered devastating losses, attended graduate school, moved across country, and remarried! So, that’s where the time has gone!

Turning 33 doesn’t freak me out or scare me at all. As a matter of fact I’m here to declare loudly and proudly that my 30’s have been, by far, the best decade of my life. Both my personal and professional life is better than ever, and I feel more complete and whole as a mother, wife, and woman than I ever have. I feel like the “me” I was always meant to be. Sure, I wake up and wonder where that gray hair came from, and I’m certainly not claiming that everyday as a 30 something is roses and unicorns. What I am claiming, in the most certain terms, is that feeling good and whole in one’s own skin is one of the very best feelings there is. It rivals that of holding your baby for the first time, or realizing your with the true love of your life; its nothing short of amazing to finally realize and accept that you are enough, just the way you are. For me, this didn’t start happening until I turned 30 and its continued throughout the years. Maybe it happens earlier for some, and maybe later for others? I can’t speak for anyone but myself.

So, here are my nearly Thirty Year Words of Wisdom: Embrace Your Life! It goes fast. My son was a baby a minute ago and now he’s nearly nine and I can feel his teenage years around the corner! Accept yourself; you only get one you and believe me, you are your own worst critic. You are enough. You’re doing enough, you’re trying hard enough, and you too, shall prevail.

I wish I had given myself (and better yet, believed) this advice long ago. As the saying goes though, “with age comes wisdom!”


7 thoughts on “A Letter to All Women as Another Birthday Approaches

  1. Lovely reflective post. Life does go fast. That’s why living each precious moment is so important. I’m 61, and I can still feel you. Wisdom is a wonderful thing to acquire, but it does take time to attain. I know people who are over 100. Imagine how much they have acquired. The world is changing fast that’s for sure. Still, we wouldn’t be here unless there was a place and purpose for us. We have something to do, and if we’re paying attention to our inner lives, the wisdom with which to do it. Thanks for sharing!


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