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The Dust HaS Settled and Now It’s Time to Move Forward…Or?

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We can move forward in gratitude that we truly are a Nation of Greatness


We can protest in jest, for no matter the amount nor severity of protest nothing shall change.

We are fortunate enough to live in the Greatest Nation in the World that affords us, men and women, the Constitutional Right to vote and elect our President. Americans have spoken, and now its time to move on and support our President Elect.

We can perpetuate hate and intolerance


We can Unite as Americans do so well and move forward.

Though we may not all be thrilled with the outcome of the election, I believe it imperative as Americans we come together and support our President Elect.

Or we can, for the first time in my 32 years, stand divided.

Standing divided shall only lead our country to great despair, and this simply isn’t an option for The Greatest Nation in the World.


10 thoughts on “The Dust HaS Settled and Now It’s Time to Move Forward…Or?

      1. Your welcome my pleasure we have to go forward and just do what we can to go forward and make the best of things you know if you have a disappointment after disappointment to move forward because the more you fight the disappointment them or hurt other people thank you for the Post take care blessings Donna Marie

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  1. Well said, this election has left so many of us heartbroken as well as disappointed, perhaps even concerned. Now is the time for the American people to come together and stand united, not divided. For a house that is divided against itself cannot stand.

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