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This may be one of my favorite challenges. As a born, raised, and educated Bostonian, wicked has a completely different meaning to me than it does to most others. Most definitions of wicked include: evil or morally wrong, intended to or capable of harming someone or something, or extremely unpleasant.

For us Bostonians the word has a completely different connotation and is used as an adjective to describe pleasantries. For example one might say,”oh my, that coffee was wicked good,” or “you look wicked cute.” I love this about us for it, (amongst many other things), further defines our uniqueness as a people and city.

Here are a few words in ode to

Boston’s Wicked

Beauty, delicious, and nearly indescribable

Wicked is the word!

Wicked good coffee, wicked cute outfit, I’m wicked serious,

This is how we use the word!

Evil is evil, malicious is malicious, but wicked,

Wicked is awesome!

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