Realizing I’m Doing Something Right

As the post-election dust settles, I’ve had to have a few honest conversations with my eight year old son, Jack. He was very disappointed to learn that Mr. Trump had won the election, and I felt it my duty to allow him the right to express his feelings in a safe place, where he could be completely honest, and, more importantly, receive truthful information in return.

Driving down the road having this conversation, Jack expressed that he “hated” Donald Trump and I asked him why. To my shock, and admitted pride, he answered, “he speaks badly about women, he makes fun of the disabled, and he has no compassion for immigrants.” In that moment, it took all I had not to pull the car over and hug my child so tightly out of sheer pride. Jack has been a wonderful child and the light of my life, but today he proved himself to be wise beyond his years and compassionate beyond belief. At only eight years old, I’m floored that he feels so strongly for the future of the minority population in the face of our President Elect’s term.

I must admit that I did try to explain that we must now move forward and do our best to stand behind Mr. Trump, for he is our Leader, and his success can only be good for our Great Nation. I further explained that what truly makes America Great is that we, as Americans, have the Constitutional Right to elect our President, and, whether we agree with it or not, more people  voted for him that HRC. Finally, I explained that while Donald Trump has had his struggles in business, for the most part, he’s proven himself both a savvy and successful businessman. As Americans we can hope he will run the country like he runs his most successful business.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I explained to Jack that our great Nation can’t stand divided for the next four years. We must learn to accept what is, and hope for the best. There’s good in everybody, right?


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