Waking Up a Defeated Woman

Waking up today was nothing short of an eye-opener. To say I was shocked would be a huge understatement. I simply can’t believe that Donald J. Trump is our President Elect.

By no means am I a political junkie. I didn’t follow either campaign too closely, and I wasn’t overtly passionate about HRC. I just believe in the greater good, and to me, she was the greater good. I’m not sure how so many Americans can overlook Trump’s blatant sexism, disregard for the disabled, and seeming hatred for minorities. It seems he’s un-American, at his very core, for didn’t we start here in America as minorities? None of us are Natives, with the exception of the true Native Americans whom were robbed and raped of their land and very way of life.

I’m lucky enough to be a well-educated, well-traveled, and cultured woman. Yet, for the life of me, I can’t understand how any American woman could cast her vote for Mr. Trump. The comments he’s made about women, including calling Rosey O’Donnell a “fat pig” and let us not forget the infamous you tube video in which our now President Elect exclaims “grab her by the pussy,” are intolerable to me. Is this the kind of man we want our daughters’ to look up to as the Leader of the Free World? Better yet, as the mother of a little boy myself, I’ll be damned if he ever thinks behavior displayed by mr. Trump is acceptable.

We have come so far as nation. We’ve elected a biracial president, we’ve finally acknowledged that love is love and legalized gay marriage, and we watched a woman run a tight race for President of The United States of America over the last fifteen months or so. I guess this is where my confusion lies, how can one country come so far, and manage to regress just as far in one single night?

Donald Trump has proven himself a savvy business man and perhaps that’s how he plans to run our country. I’m just not sure I’ll ever get over the masterful wool he pulled over so many American’s eyes last night, and I’m ashamed to say, I’m disappointed in my fellow female voters.

6 thoughts on “Waking Up a Defeated Woman

  1. Yes…. Very much struggling with my feelings about what Americans think America is. Struggling with what some Americans believe makes America great. If one more person smiles while saying that Donald Trump “just tells it like it is,” I may explode.


    He tells it like it is ***TO HIM**, not to anyone else. His reality is not universal reality. And I’m not even sure he has much of a handle on the reality that most of Americans are living in today.

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  2. I’m neither a staunch supporter of any of the candidates nor I feel that the two were fit to run for the presidency post. To me, both were utter idiots.

    I’m very certain, as anyone else would be too if they read the emails, at least few if the wikileaks emails… Hillary is anyday far more dangerous for the world than body else in this whole election from either side. Because foreign policy and international politics is not a moralistic running commentary, it is ugly, selfish business which the likes of Hillary have milked to their advantage in a dangerous manner. What Trump actually may or may not do is in the realm of the hypothetical, what Hillary has already done (in international politics) is in the realm of the factual. I would rather judge by established facts.

    At least with trump, he is not secretly evil. He is blatant about his bigotry instead of wearing a smile and behind backs being responsible for murder and child trafficking.


    1. For me, as both a woman and a mother to a little boy, I just can’t get past President Elect Trump’s sexist, racist, and defamatory comments and/or immitations of the disabled. I’m confident he’s proven himself a savvy business man and I hope he runs our Great Nation in the same fashion. For now, I truly believe it is time to get behind our new Leader and move forward.


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