Relish the Moments


Work, school, soccer, dinner

Who has time for anything?

Overworked, over-scheduled, and under-rested it seems down time or dare I say

Leisure time

No longer exists.

Rare and fleeting as they may be, every once in a while a quiet Friday evening bravely shows its face in defiance of the previous week’s craziness.

These are the moments we must cherish and never take for granted. We must relish every moment of warm snuggles, and movies, and cookies baking in the oven, for another Manic Monday is just around the corner!




2 thoughts on “Relish the Moments

  1. A reason why weekends should be spent together with family and loved ones ‘cos the week days are overcrowded witn work and other prevailing exigencies. Now I am thinking of Monday… 🙂


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