Prior to having my son I was confident I knew love. I loved my husband, my family, and my friends. The second my precious child was placed in my arms, and I lovingly gazed down upon him, I had an epiphany, realizing, “I thought I knew love, and then I had you.”

This saying is a common one in our house nowadays. Jack knows that I love him in a way that perhaps even unconditional can’t adequately describe.

I never thought anybody could rival the love I have Jack, and to be fair, nobody does. However, Jack and I were Blessed a few years back when my now husband miraculously appeared in our lives, when we least expected him, but most needed him.

I have come to realize that the love I have for “my guys” is nothing short of Agape. The Bible defines Agape as, “the highest, most pure form of love.”

Day after day I am reminded of just how Blessed I am to have a healthy, happy child and loving, hard-working, and supportive husband. Further, I am reminded of the ultimate Blessing of truly knowing Agape.

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