Daily Prompt: Millions

via Daily Prompt: Millions

All too often people wonder off into their minds and just think, “If I only had a millions dollars.” The perception is that with the acclimation of a million dollars, one’s life would imminently improve. While money can’t buy you love, many believe a million dollars just may allow the financial freedom to all of the “things” people think they need to achieve happiness.

Personally, I do not believe money, millions or otherwise, can buy happiness. Since becoming a mother and being Blessed with the most amazing and fulfilling second marriage and husband, I have learned that while a million dollars would be great, (our son would never be burdened with student loans, he would have the freedom to apply to any University he chose, etc.), the million dollars wouldn’t change me, or us as a family.

Our beautiful home situated within walking distance to our local beach, our photographs, and all of the memories we make daily; no matter how mundane they may seem, are far more rewarding than any amount of money, for we are already wealthy. We are a family rich in love, support, and compassion for one another.

As The Eagles sang in one of their most popular hits, “Lyin’ Eyes,” while referring to a young woman who married for money and convenience and finds herself miserable, “you’re still the same old girl you used to be.” I’m willing to bet most people aren’t changed at a primal level when “hitting the jackpot.” After the initial shock and excitement wear off, most people are “the same old girl” or guy “they used to be.”


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