What’s the Rush?

I have been nominated by the fabulous  Aashi at, https://thepunkpenblog.wordpress.com/, to take part in her first challenge (https://thepunkpenblog.wordpress.com/2016/09/21/my-1st-challenge3/), so here goes round 3!

“It’s not the destination that matters, but the journey.”

“When I grow up…” insert  famous childhood line here.

All our lives we’re hustling and bustling, riding, and grinding. But why? Well, society tells us we must operate this way in order to achieve any means of success. Whether corporate world hot-shot or stay-at-home-mom, we’re constantly pressured to move quicker, do more, be better, and make this all happen in less time. What’s the point, though?

The older I get I like to think I’m gaining at least some wisdom. I realize now that the extra ten minutes of cuddling my little guy isn’t going to ruin his schedule, rather it will help to facilitate and strengthen our bond. Tis not the destination to a good nights sleep, but the journey my beloved child must take to reach his destination; a bright and happy morning.

Strolling through the neighborhood with my family, I have come to realize its not the destination, whether it be our local breakfast spot or ice cream parlor, but the journey that matters. Spending time with my favorite people in the whole wide world while we make our journey to our eventual destination is far more rewarding than the destination itself. Sure, most everybody loves ice cream and appreciates a hearty breakfast, but our walks are far more rewarding for me. During our journeys I learn about everyone’s day, who likes who, and how life is going in general. It’s our chance to reconnect as a family.

Finally, becoming a parent is an excellent example of this quote. Some couples are Blessed with children right away while others face long, devastating, and daunting journeys to parenthood. In the end though, most reach the destination of parenthood and upon looking into their child’s eyes, they realize the journey to becoming parents together is all that matters, for they now have their very own bundle of joy.

I spent my childhood rushing and hurrying to “grow-up.” It’s only recently that I’ve realized my journey to adulthood was far more interesting than the destination that adulthood has proven to be.

For now, I recommend everyone slow down, take your journey in, absorb everything you can along the way. The destination isn’t going anywhere, but you may not always have time to make the journey.

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