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The PunkPenBlog’s First Challenge: My Second Post, “Unconditional”

I have been nominated by the fabulous  Aashi at,, to take part in her first challenge (, so here goes round 2!

“I thought I knew love and then I had you.”

Staring into your big, beautiful blue eyes as deep as the sea itself, I knew I would never be the same. The warmth of your tiny body snuggled against mine warmed my soul enough that I could have braced the harshest Winter anywhere, equipped with the love I felt for you.

Raising you to my breast to nourish  your tiny body and feeling your tiny, pink lips suckling away gave my body new meaning; to sustain and nurture you, not just now but for always. Rubbing your full, pink, soft cheeks overwhelmed me with so much joy I could only come  to one conclusion;

This was Unconditional Love. Real, True love, the kind The Bible describes as Agape. Staring at you I couldn’t believe how Blessed I was to feel this.

At night I still sneak in your big, nearly nine-year-old bedroom and watch you sleep, gently caressing those still full, pink, soft cheeks and whisper, I Love You To the Moon and Back. As I look back from your door way I still can’t believe how Blessed I am to be your mother and know Unconditional Love through you.



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