Her Long Journey Home

“I think its pink! I think I see two lines! Do you see two pink lines!?” She excitedly asked, trying to catch her breath.

“Babe, you know how this goes, don’t get your hopes up,” he tenderly replied, reaching for her hand.

Defeated, she pleaded with him to, “please just take a look, just humor me.” Her ever supportive and loving husband obliged and looked at the little white stick that had delivered so much hopelessness, sadness, and disappointment over the past year.

Startled, she soon heard celebratory screams coming from the bathroom! “Babe! Oh My God, Babe! You’re right! Its positive. We’re pregnant. It’s finally our turn,” he exclaimed as he pulled her into an embrace so full of love that she thought her heart might explode.

As the months passed her belly began to swell and so did their hearts, excitement, anticipation, and joy.

Before they knew it, the day had come. “Babe! It’s time,” she nervously called from the bathroom.

While silently driving to the hospital they each reflected on their journey to parenthood. Would it be everything they’d hoped for? Imaged it to be? They’d soon know.

Within a matter of hours, they were Blessed with a perfectly precious baby girl. The moment she was placed into her mother’s arms, swaddled in the softest pink blanket either of them had ever seen, and smelling like a dream, every fear, doubt, struggle, and insecurity immediately faded away.

Despite her long journey to her family, this baby girl was always meant to be their daughter, and she had finally arrived home. Exactly where she belonged. Mommy and Daddy’s Precious Baby Girl.

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