Daily Prompt: Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful

Between the retching, sweating, and shaking,

He desperately reached for his phone.

Pleading with his guy for a delivery, he begged for a front.

Unsurprisingly, “no fronts” was policy in this line of business; no exceptions.

Defeated and getting sicker and sicker, he mustered the last bits of strength he had

To go out and

Do a Job.

Any job

Except that one. He wouldn’t do that again. That one made him feel a filth that covered him in a blanket of shame.

After the job was done and his delivery was received,

He laid back as his poison numbed him with warmth and a false sense of both happiness and safety.

For a split second he wondered how something that started as nothing more than a bit of fun had become so




Hard to Maintain?

As the poison coursed through his veins he wished he had been more






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